Seger Park Tennis Club


EMAIL ADDRESS NAME NTRP (self) Rating Availability Age Preference /
Comments David Gitter 2.0 Any day except Tues or Wed 72 Would like to play a couple a days a week on a regular basis and improve my skills.  When living in Georgia, I belonged to USTA, and Alta. Since I have not played in a while, my skill level has probably changed. Would like to find someone to volley with and get back into the game. I can play singles but prefer doubles. Kelsey Smoker 2.0 Flexible-weekdays or evenings, weekends   Looking to improve my skills and play/hit around once or twice a week  Pelema Morrice 2.0  Weekdays after 5pm and weekends anytime 41 Taking lessons and learning to play, but looking for regular partner. I am somewhere between a 2.0 and 2.5. Angela Hayes 2.5 Most evenings after 5pm; Weekends   Just learning to play, taking lessons. Looking for partners to volley with and eventually move to game play. Carl Kabat 2.5 I can get together on weekday evenings and any time on weekends 56 I am a novice, trying to play again after a long layoff Carol LaMastra Weil 2.5 Weekday mornings  43 Katie Kelly 2.5 Evenings at 6 PM or 7 PM and weekends   I started playing tennis at a young age and played through high school. I am interested in playing more again and am open to any format of play.
610-389-5690 Lalit Kalani 2.5 Flexible - can meet in the mornings or also in the evenings during weekdays. Also available on weekends   Been a few years since I have played. Started picking it up recently. Looking to play some matches as well as just hit the ball. Ralph 2.5 Flexible 46 singles but open to trying doubles. I would like to meet up with people to play on a regular basis to improve my form and get in some good exercise. 267-250-2451 Sachin Srivastava 2.5 after 6pm on weekdays and anytime on weekends 35 I have played tennis in college but have been out of touch for sometime. I want someone can volley with and improve my game. Albert C. Van Horn, Jr. (AL)
3.0 Weekends anytime, Weekdays 6-9 (I love playing in the evening, but open to anything). 41 I'm looking for hitting partners and match play. I'm open to just about anything in terms of hitting the ball. I will play/hit against any ranking. l love the challenge of playing people above me and helping others at or below my current rank improve our game. I prefer singles, I will play doubles, but I'm not great on the rules. I'm a good team player though.  Mon-Fri 9-5 call  215 731 6121, other 215 739 6189. I want to hit A LOT this year, contact me if you really want to hit as well. Bobbie Butterfield 3.0 weeknights at 7pm, flexible on weekends   I am primarily interested in playing singles with those of roughly equivalent skill although I will play with just about anyone; hitting is fine for the workout and I also enjoy match play.
I would ideally like to find someone with whom I can set up a reg Brad Herbig 3.0 Weekends only 28 Prefer singles but open to doubles and hitting practice. John Sharp 3.0 Weekday evenings starting at 7pm; Saturdays & Sundays starting at Noon 54 I like to hit for the workout and am open to friendly match play (singles or doubles, any gender mix) John Quinn 3.0 Flexible, work from home/self-employed 40 I'll play up or down .5.  I like to hit and play matches.  I am cool with playing doubles if you need an extra player or partner. Katrin Niisuke 3.0 Weekdays after 6pm
or weekends
31  Prefer singles. Haven't played regularly in recent years, but would love to get back to it. Kyle McGrory 3.0 weeknights after 7:30pm and weekends   prefer singles but would play doubles if need be. Lawrence Wong 3.0 M-F 6-9p; Sa 5-9p; Su anytime 30 908-419-1603 cell (text message preferred) Melissa Cohen 3.0 flexible and will schedule 3 regular times a week
and other last minute times are super
  Singles best but will play doubles later in the season. Will play with anyone of equivalent skill, will play matches or just hit, love the the exercise.
Since it is the beginning of the season hitting first may be best.
cell 267-971-7918  Paul Imbesi 3.0 M-F after 6 pm. Weekends are flexible  36 Looking to play primarily singles but also doubles. Matches and hitting partners would both be great Rob Williamson 3.0 Weekends, Mon & Thurs evenings   Looking for hitting practice and singles play.  C: 215-817-2404 Sarah Frew 3.0 Weekday mornings: finish by 8am

Weekday evenings: after 5pm

Weekends: flexible
38 Played in H.S. and college and in leagues on/off since. Haven't played regularly in a few years and want to get back into it! Prefer singles but will always play doubles too. Steve 3.0 early mornings or after 7pm, weekends 39 I played competitively through high school and am now just looking to get back to playing again. I would be happy to just hit or play matches. My cell phone is 215-219-0448 Tonushree 3.0 Weekdays after 7pm, Weekends Alexis Perry 3.5 Wednesdays & Sundays mornings or evenings 34 I use to play competitively, but that was a long time ago. Just want to get back into hitting and maybe a match or two Andrew Carnie 3.5 Best times: Week days after 6pm, saturdays 3-6, sunday mornings 8-12.
  happy to play anything Bettie Kilkelly 3.5 I live only 8 minutes walk away. Love to play during the day as work from my home, so can be available at any hour at any day, also on short notice if I am not out with a client.   I play singles, as well as doubles. Bill Abraham 3.5 Flexible 50's Prefer playing singles and including a ‘Set’ of tennis in the course of hitting tennis.  Can be reached by phone at 917-207-4750 Bob Lee 3.5 weekdays varies; weekends
generally flexible
  prefer match play or drills Chris Diehl 3.5 I am available most days usually in the evening and I'm willing to hit with anybody.    I recently started playing pick up games at Seger.I use to play a lot in high school and early college then took a break for a few years. If I had to rank myself NTRP I would be anywhere from a 3-4 at best given the day. David Malter 3.5 My schedule is quite flexible as I work from home and live very close to Seger Park.   My phone number is 917.292.1486. I am a 3.5 and I am currently looking for partners to hit with and match play. Dan Rubin 3.5 Free 6pm and later on weeknights; flexible with weekends 27 Former collegiate player, sizable break since then. Trying to hit more often again. Open to singles, doubles and just hitting - trying to get back out there.
267-307-0824 Edwin Li 3.5 M-F after 6pm & weekends (some days I can also do mornings ~9am weekdays) 41 singles, male or female, preferably just for hitting (maybe matches later).  don't mind playing with people slightly below or above my rating. Eric Zahniser 3.5 Weekdays after 6:00 PM, any time on the weekend   Looking to play singles.  I played on my HS varsity team but am out of practice.  Looking to get my skills back.  Looking to play sets after a warm up volley.  Can play at or above my rating. I can be reached at 267-918-8099. Fred Levine 3.5 6AM M-F. 7PM or 8PM Evenings   singles; interested in match play; 267-997-4939. Jeremy Alva 3.5 Saturdays and Sundays early in the morning like 7 am-9 a.m.  or later in the afternoon around 4.   I played tennis competitively (USTA tournaments etc.) then stopped at college.  I took 15 year break but got back on the courts this summer and found my swing.  I'm available to just hit, play a match in singles or doubles. John Campbell 3.5 any day / any time   Live next to park.  Looking to just hit or matches. Would like to play during day when courts are open as well as evenings/mornings. Early riser so 7am is fine. John Schafhauser 3.5 weekdays after 6pm and most weekends   looking to hit and play matches;
(prefer text) 609 923 9780 Jonathan Li 3.5 Weekdays 5PM-10PM
Weekends anytime, love early mornings
26 Played competitively in high school, been playing inconsistently once every 3-4 weeks, looking to play on a more consistent basis. Down to just rally or play matches (singles/doubles). Cell is 631-456-0220, feel free to text. Joseph Myers 3.5 Monday: 6:30-8 p.m.

Tuesday: 7-8 p.m.; Thursday: 7-8 p.m.; Friday: 6-8 p.m.; Saturday: 9 a.m.-noon; and Sunday 10-11 a.m. and 5-6 p.m.
35 Strictly singles; I am interested in matches with anyone. Please contact me either via email or my cell, 267-679-3154 Larry Lindsay 3.5 early am anyday - weekends included, or evenings M,T,W 59 prefer doubles, serve and volley. Able to play early in the morning or on the weekends, looking for a regular rotation of comparable players for reliable schedule over summer. Maria Alesi-McLeod 3.5 Wednesdays from- 8:30-
1:30pm. Can play most evenings and weekends
  interested in both singles and doubles (prefer singles) Michael Smith 3.5 Prefer weekend day evenings after 5:00 54 looking for a hitting partner - same level or higher - male or female - to work on ground strokes, serve and volley, drills. Looking to improve consistancy and endurance Nancy Rieti 3.5 Early mornings / evenings on weekdays / flexible on weekends 51 Seeking to play often (weekly). I prefer singles (female or male) but am open to doubles. If interested, contact me at 609.381.0632. Priya Swamy 3.5     Haven't played consistently in years but am active
Would like to hit some balls, and good to play matches once comfortable
phone 484-362-9143. (Ignore the message) Rory Boyle 3.5 Anytime 35 Short walk from Seger.

My schedule is my own so very flexible to play during the day, 
as well as during prime time hours if we have a reservation (Seger member).

Prefer at least some match play or competitive points, but rallying is cool too,
especially for anyone who needs to chip off some rust to start with.  Cell is 646-256-7930. Ryan Gibbons 3.5 any day / any time    Flexible schedule.  Looking to get back into playing more regularly.  Singles                                                                                                                     preferred.  Hitting practice too. Scott Biales 3.5 I am free Friday-Sunday and Mon-Thursday after 7. 28  I am a 26 year old male and played tennis growing up.  Played varsity in high school and have played off and on after high school.  I would like to play at least once a week.  I am looking for someone to hit with (set play) or just hitting around.  I'm also up for drilling with others. Also will play doubles.  Stuart Charmé 3.5 anytime 63 I play doubles regularly but I miss singles and want to do that more Tim Smoker 3.5 Weekdays after 5:00 PM, Weekend morning hours.
36 A bit rusty so looking to rally as extended warm up, then match play. Prefer singles male, open to doubles fill-in. Tudor 3.5 I can usually play around 6:30 weekdays, some flexibility on the weekends. 30 I was team captain in high school, and played USTA summer camps at Torresdale Playground, which was based on the ladder system, and we played other camps in the area.  I stopped playing seriously in college, but I've always hit around and played sets.  I also played ladders in law school with undergrads.  I have recently moved into the area (20th and South), and am looking for dependable tennis partners. Benjamin Rubin 4.0 Flexible 45 singles or doubles Brian Calhoun 4.0 Tue, Wed, Fri 9am-2pm. I can also play some weekend mornings and weekday evenings with advanced notice 38 I'm a solid 4.0 player that looks forward to hitting or match play with 4.0+ players. Christopher Magee 4.0 mornings/evenings 48 I live about an an 8 minute walk from Seger.
215-510-1941 Dan Seltzer 4.0 Weekdays 6pm or later;
Saturdays after Noon;
Sundays all day / evening
50's Hitting or competitive; singles or doubles; 215-913-7525 Dave Pitone 4.0 flexible, some daytime, most evenings, some weekends   singles; want to improve fitness, can meet whenever, please don't hesitate to email, I want to get out and hit or play, I live close to the park David A. Schlier 4.0 After 6:30 on weekdays; generally available on weekends 30 Former #1 singles player on HS Varsity team but have only played occasionally since.  I prefer singles but will play doubles too.  Will play with men and women of all skill levels, although the ability to consistently rally is a must.  I am up for formal matches or "just hitting." Prefer to be contacted via text: 610.334.6352. Frank Mannino 4.0 Weeknights after 5, or weekends (preferably mornings) 36 Looking for singles matches about once a week, though I am open to doubles as well. Henry Kim 4.0 Weekdays after 5:30, weekends flexible 30's  looking for a solid hitting partner (male or female). like to hit or play out points. singles / doubles OK. Jesse Blitzstein 4.0 Weeknights; Weekends late morning or afternoon 29  I am a former high school tennis player who has played sporadically on an annual basis since college. Would love to get back in the swing of things, so to speak, and get out there on a weekly basis with similarly skilled, competitive partners. Willing to hit around and/or play matches, mostly interested in singles but will definitely consider offers for doubles as well. Don't mind playing in the heat, under the lights, etc. Live near the courts. Feel free to get in touch with me! John Fischer 4.0   43 Prefer singles, but also enjoy doubles. Cell 717-571-2411. OK to call me at office 215-981-1856 Kris Sawyer 4.0 Flexible 21 267-574-1483;
Willing to play Doubles if a fourth is needed. Marie Papalia 4.0 M/W/F after 5; Tuesday morning, Thursday all day, some weekends  33 Interested in playing singles matches or finding hitting partners. Played D3 college tennis and am trying to get into playing more regularly again. Max Voltchenko  4.0 weekends (anytime), Mondays and Tuesdays 7:00 – 9:00 pm, weekday mornings (7-8:00 am)  39 singles & mixed doubles; I would like to play competitively but would also do drills and social play (mixed doubles). Michael Kontra 4.0 Currently I am available most hours of the weekdays, as well as late morning / early afternoon on Sunday's (however, this will change as of 7/28/17 when I begin work).  22 : I am a former high school tennis player and instructor. I played sporadically throughout my college years, and am looking to get back into the swing of things. Singles play is preferred, however I am open to options as a double partner as well. I don't mind playing in extreme conditions or low light - please feel free to reach out to me to hit sometime at 215-776-0190. Ngoc Tran 4.0 Weekdays after 6pm, any time on weekends.  32 Played in HS & the past 4 years, was on USTA 4.0 teams. Prefer singles and rallying, occasionally doubles. Looking to hit solid tennis 3-4x/ wk.  I live close to Seger.  Call/text: 781.484.7913. Sean Cooper 4.0 Weeknights after 6pm; weekends 30 Looking for singles hitting  and/or match play. Played HS and gave lessons in college, returned to racquet sport over last few years playing tournaments/leagues. Sebastian Felsen 4.0 I'm available weekdays after 6PM and early morning weekends. 39 I would like to meet people to play, improve my game which is rusty as I have not played much for the past years. I like to have fun yet improve my and my opponent's game. Sam Lux 4.0     I played tennis both in high school and college. Looking to both hit around and play matches. Would prefer singles, but am open to doubles. Shepard Ritzen 4.0 During the week after 5:30pm or 11:30am-2pm in center city/university city and on weekends. 34 Live in University City, work in Center City, and looking to get some consistency in my game. I did play a little in college, but have not hit as much as I would like to have in the past 2 years. Simona Levsky 4.0 Weeknights and weekends 23 Used to compete in USTA tournaments and played on my college club team. Although I have not been playing nearly as much in the past couple of years, I would love to get back into it. Strongly prefer singles, but hitting or match play is fine with me! 201-421-6026 Wayne Hight 4.0 Friday morning, Saturday morning, Sunday morning 52 Solid and very consistent 4.0 + player, singles only.  Also can text or call: 239-293-2410 Andrea Chu 4.5 weeknights and some weekends 25 New to Philly, competed in junior tournaments and played club college team, looking for singles or doubles, up for hitting or match play. 908-240-5311 Brett Davis 4.5 M-F after 6pm and weekends anytime 25 Prefer singles, would play doubles if 4th is needed; Played D3 college tennis Syd Pendleton 4.5 free weekdays anytime after 3:30pm, and all day weekends 34 hitting, drills, or match play; Mainly singles but willing to play some doubles; cell number: 215-840-1500  Tony Long 4.5 Mondays - Fridays after 6:00PM and Weekends anytime!!  30s Mens Singles (1st choice), Mens Doubles (2nd choice), Mixed Doubles (3rd choice); I'm on the court quite frequently (usually every day).  I enjoy rallying, doing drill work, match play, or anything to help perfect my groundstrokes and ready me for tournament play.  No matter whether a casual hit or a competitive set, my athleticism and endurance allows me to play for hours at a time and I can conform to any level of play. Courtney McClurkin 5.0 I'm available most weekends, and my weekday schedule is really flexible.   I played college tennis and still play a lot of USTA tournament and league tennis.  I'll play either singles or doubles! Brett Weinstock 5.0 Weeknights & Weekends 26 Just moved to Philly 06/2014. Played on club college team. Up for hitting/drilling/matches. Singles or doubles.
(310) 210-5393 Lawrence Wei 5.0 Flexible 26 Played D3 college tennis and junior tournaments growing up.  Mainly looking for singles match play with occasional doubles.